What can I say

Melaleuca is a company that I fell in love with. We’ve only been with the company for a couple of months.

I found out about it after going to an Asian Fair in March. Yes, you heard right, not only that, but I had to drag my hubby there and it was the best thing we ever did. I cannot begin to say how much I love the products.

Though we have no children, I have cats and always worry about using products around them. These are not only good for the environment, but for people and our beloved pets. If you are skeptical, find someone who uses Melaleuca, try some of the products and you too will be hooked.

I love the laundry soap, fabric softener and color-safe brightner but my favorite is the shampoo and conditioner. After using a product with so many unreadable ingredients, it’s nice to use something that I don’t have to worry about.

One Happy Customer.


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