I was at an estate sale on Saturday and a lady was trying to cut some green paint out of the carpet. I asked what she was doing and she said someone had tracked paint in from the garage all over the carpet and she needed to get it out. I said that I had something that would remove it Sol-U-Mel, she asked what that was and where could she buy some. I told her it was a product made by Melaleuca and they were a manufacturer of green products (no pun intended) and it was catalogue shopping. She asked if I had some could she by a bottle. I said no she couldn’t but I would give her some to clean the carpet. I was going to my daughter’s and I would bring her some on my way back. I came back an hour later with the Sol-U-Mel and we put it full strength on the paint spots a couple of which were as big as my palm and very sticky like syrup. Left it for a few seconds and wiped it off with paper towel. She was sold said it “was liquid gold” and how could she get a gallon? I explained that it was personal shopping and I needed 45 minutes of her time and she said to call her that night. I did and she enrolled and bought the Eco-Sense Home Conversion Kit. She has an Estate sale business and Sol-U-Mel is a product she will use all the time. She has a knee problem and her husband has psoriasis so she will be a customer for life.



  1. Tracy Evans says

    Where can i buy sol-u-mel i have tried on google but still no luck thank you

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