Prespot, MelaPower and MelaBrite

When the serpentine belt went off-track on my minivan’s engine, I had to reach down between an oily, greasy engine and the side of the engine compartment. The sleeves of my white sweatshirt were quickly covered in messy, black oil stains. At first, I counted the sweatshirt as a loss.

When I returned home, I sprayed all of the stains with Prespot in the standard, everyday diluted strength and set the sweatshirt aside for about half an hour. Next, I placed the sweatshirt and a couple of old pairs of jeans into the washer with one standard pump of MelaPower and one standard pump of MelaBrite, then I activated the appliance for a heavy duty wash cycle with warm water.

The sweatshirt is clean and the sleeves are white again with no stains. You cannot tell that the sleeves were previously stained with dirty motor oil. Melaleuca products work better than anything I ever used before, and cost less to use. Even if you don’t refer other customers and you never take advantage of the referral business opportunity, you get a great deal on superior products when you shop with Melaleuca.


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