No more asthma!

I have been with Melaleuca for almost 10 years now! I started because my neighbor came over and told me about it. I’d had an asthma attack that almost killed me, I was in my mid 30’s, and on 3 inhalers! I got the value pack, got chemicals out, great vitamins in my body, and in two months I was off all 3 inhalers! I’ve never had another asthma problem since!!! I have so many more stories, but this is my first. What a blessing Melaleuca has been in my life & many other lives! Quality of life matters!



  1. clarcie brown says

    We really get along all the special products that i have used since i joind in dec. 2010 have absolutely benifited me. never will stop using the fabulous products of Melaleuca. i love everything about Melaleuca.

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