Melaleuca Introduces New Mountain Cabin™ Gourmet Coffee

Mountain Cabin Coffee and Specialty Drinks by Melaleuca

Melaleuca invites you to enjoy your happy place with all-new Mountain Cabin—a line of Premium Coffee and Specialty Drinks.

Did you know that coffee is the top source of antioxidants in the North American diet? Coffee elevates energy levels, uplifts and awakens your senses, and increases your focus by making you more alert and attentive.

And now, Melaleuca customers can enjoy those benefits with Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee: a collection of fine, flavorful, masterfully roasted blends from the finest coffee regions in the world.

Made from 100% arabica beans, Mountain Cabin offers a complexity of flavors found only in the finest coffee. The select areas from which we source our coffee beans are all found between the tropics and are renowned for their mineral-rich soil, steady temperatures, and distinct rainy and dry seasons.

Every farm that provides Mountain Cabin coffee beans is close to a mile in elevation, the ideal spot above sea level where the most flavorful and rich coffee beans have been cultivated for generations.

Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee is uniquely crafted using high-tech quality control and timeless artistry. From sourcing and selection to roasting and grinding, we put a premium on quality, so that each cup of coffee you brew is as close to perfection as it comes. Packaging within minutes of small-batch roasting ensures absolute freshness and maximum flavor.

And Mountain Cabin is fairly sourced. We purchase coffee exclusively from farmers who meet our stringent requirements for fairness, as well as quality. Farm workers have to be paid fairly for their knowledge and hard work, and farms must follow environmentally sustainable practices.

Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee comes in seven gourmet blends and flavors: Organic Signature Blend, Organic Rainforest Blend, Kona Blend, Hazelnut, Vanilla, 100% Colombian Decaf, and Hazelnut Decaf.

And select Mountain Cabin blends are available in single-serve cups that are compatible with most single-serve brewers, including Keurig® 2.0. The varieties available in single-serve cups are Organic Signature Blend, Organic Rainforest Blend, Kona Blend, and 100% Colombian Decaf.

New Mountain Cabin Specialty Drinks

In addition to the seven varieties of Mountain Cabin Premium Coffee, Melaleuca also introduces three all-new Mountain Cabin Specialty Drinks. These single-serve drinks are perfect for curling up with a great book, unwinding on a porch swing, or prepping for a big day. Their enticing aromas and rich, decadent flavors turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Mountain Cabin Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa is not your ordinary cup of hot chocolate. This is double-chocolate goodness worthy of a high-mountain vista. It’s pure indulgence in a cup.

Mountain Cabin Caramel Apple Cider is a mouth-watering combination of crisp apples and creamy caramel, topped with warming spices. It’s sweet, tart, and perfect hot or iced.

Mountain Cabin Luxe Vanilla Cappuccino is a decadent blend of premium coffee combined with the delicious flavors of smooth steamed milk and sweet vanilla. What could be better for slowing down and savoring the moment?
There is a place hidden deep in the mountains where the air is clear and the trees grow tall. A place where nature’s peace restores your balance, energizes your mood, and calms your mind. There’s no place quite like a mountain cabin—a safe haven,
a retreat in the expanse of the wild. It’s a place that welcomes you with its warm smells, cozy comforts, and glowing fire.

This is a place we invite you to experience today, and every day—every time you brew a cup of Mountain Cabin™ Premium Coffee or Specialty Drinks.



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