I’m in love.

I have been a product buyer for about 2 yrs and it didn’t take long to get hooked. My cleaning closet is now fully replaced with Melaleuca products. It took alittle longer for my husband to like the products. Since I do the cleaning I tried to see if he noticed a difference. After going back to cleaning something with an old product he is hooked! My favorite product to use is the Tough & Tender Spray. I go through the concetrated bottle every other month! I also use Lemon Sustain Sport, there is no comparison with any other sports drink! Keep up the great productions I’m in Love!!

I also would like to add I get Migranes often and have found that only Motrin works to clear it, but we all know how exspensive that can be. So I tried the counteract IB and was shocked how fast my headache went away.

Da Netra


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