I’m quickly becoming a believer!

With three young children, about a year ago I considered transitioning products to those from Melaleuca to make our home safer for the family. With the busy schedule and chaos, it simply fell to the bottom of my “to do” list as something I needed to look into further. Then, about 3 months ago, I received an email from my sister-in-law, Cheri, telling me about this company she’d simply fallen in love with and wanted to share. As soon as I saw Melaleuca, I knew immediately this was the sign I needed to put it back and the priority list and make the switch. Although I’d heard good things about the products, I was highly skeptical that they’d be as good or better as what I was already using. I thought with them being “natural” they’d never work as well. It’s not that the others were brand names, I was just set with what worked and I was sold. Well, I never knew how thrilled I would be with the first time I used each product- the Furniture Polish, Hand soap, Lemon Brite, Tough & Tender, Sol-U-Mel, Sol-U-Gard- I can’t wait for my next shipment to change over everything else. Hair, makeup- it’s all on the list! I’m thrilled and wish I’d have done it so much sooner!



  1. clarcie brown says

    as always the ones that join and ad the new products of melaleuca to their home and personal use are thrilled with the products.that sums it up for the fantastic green products.that they are THE TOP of the line. thanks again MELALEUCA!

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