We became Preferred customers in DEC. ’10. I can not say we have just one favorite product, however I will share a couple of current experiences. My husband has suffered from irregularity for many years, he is also rather particular about the taste and texture of things so when I suggested he try a new fiber supplement he was hesitant. I don’t think he thought FiberWise could be any better, but he agreed to try it. Well you should hear him talk about FiberWise now!!! He not only says it is the best tasting and smoothest fiber supplement he has ever had, it has made a REGULAR believer out of him, if you know what I mean!!
Today I was having lunch with my brother who is 6 years younger than me… I am 53. He says to me “How did you get such firm upper eye lids, I’ve got this sagging upper eye skin” I told him that use two Sie Bella eye care products consistently and they have REALLY firmed up my eye lids. I use ‘Wrinkle Release Eye Serum’ every morning and ‘Night Recovery Creme’ every night. My upper lids are firm and do not have that ‘crepe y’ look. I could go on and on, but will save for another time!!



  1. RaeLee says

    Melaleuca is the best. I wasnt sure at first. But it’s litterally helped me and my husband for the better we use fiber wise along with many other products. I don’t have a favorite cause I love it all too much!

  2. leslie says

    i have been reading about his fiberwise. i would like to know how to order this product, also is it similar to metamucil

    thanks leslie

  3. Louis Mayrant, Jr. says

    Thanks to Ms. Connie Proileau, my dad and I are using the melaleuca products to help improve our health conditions. We are looking to make our lives be healthier for our children and our community! Again, we are grateful for what we have seen thus far and can’t wait to see whats next.

    God bless!
    The Mayrant Family
    (Louis & Valerie)

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