Eczema Miracle!

My son is 11 years old, and he has had eczema since he was a baby. Every Sunday in Church I would find myself putting Neosporin on most of his fingers because they were raw and quite sore. I received my first Melaleuca order of the Renew Pack-with Renew Lotion, Renew Hand Wash, Renew Body Wash, & Renew Bath Oil. I made sure my son used the Lotion & Hand Wash everyday. The following Sunday, I reached for his fingers with my Neosporin in my hand, and to my amazement, I did not need to use it!!!! No open sores from the eczema!!!!!!!! That was 4 weeks ago, and I have not had to use any medication on his fingers at all since we began using the Renew products!!! We are so very happy!!!



  1. Angela says

    Hi Carol. The diluted Solumel is good for fleas. If you spray his coat a few times, the fleas will be gone; plus his coat will be soft and shiny. Also, you can use 2 parts Solumel to 8 parts water and spray your carpets and around your house. They will be gone within a few days. They hate the smell!!

  2. CAROL says

    I just started to use this product. Could you tell me what is good for fleas? I tried different things and now I don’t see them, but my dog is still allergic to them and he is scratching hair off and his ear looks black and then looks kind of white. What can I do different? Could you let me know some of your products to use on him? Thank you Carol

  3. Brandie says

    My daughter has it too. All over her body. She’s almost 3. I’ve got the Gold Bar soap and Renew lotion. If she flares up, she gets a bath (or area washed) and lotion put on. She doesn’t scratch or complain. It calms it right down like it doesn’t exist. They really know what they are doing with their products!

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