Anxiety and Panic Attacks gone!

In June of 2006 my family suffered from a bizarre car accident that injured all of us. Shortly after this accident I began having anxiety and panic attacks that increased in frequency over the next several months. Finally in September my body just broke down and I had what I beleive was a nervous breakdown not even able to leave my bed or room. The doctors prescribed Zoloft, however after living like a zombie for over a year I knew my Heavenly Father was wanting to heal me and that he did. After only 3 days I was completely off the drug and on my way to complete healing. For the next several years I would have a periodic panic attacks and anxiety still seemed to be lurking in the background ready to rear it’s ugly head. I just never knew when or how hard they might strike. I truly believed that this condition was a physical condition and I was not going mad. My research showed me that it could be linked to a multitude of mineral or vitamin deficiencies. In May 2011 we came home to Melaleuca and I immediately began using the Vitality Plus Vitamins. I am AMAZED at the results, especially when it comes to my anxiety and panic attacks. Consistent, faithful consumption has changed my life. I am no longer suffering from these debilitating conditions and so THANKFUL that Melaleuca has given me a new freedom!



  1. Brenda says

    Great information and so happy to see ppl are getting relief from natural alternatives to chemical anti-depressants.

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