Meet PURE™ Essential Oils, New From Melaleuca


For 30 years, Melaleuca has provided its customers with Melaleuca Oil of the absolute highest quality. T36-C5® and T40-C3® tea tree oils are hallmarks of The Wellness Company and are set apart by their extreme purity and incredible value. And while Melaleuca Oil is well known for being a favorite Melaleuca product, it isn’t the […]

Exciting New Products Unveiled at Convention 2016


Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated parts of Melaleuca’s annual Convention is the announcement of new products. Attendees get excited for this news every year, and for good reason: There have been some groundbreaking and life-changing products unveiled at Conventions past. The products announced at Convention 2016 are no different. A detailed introduction […]

Melaleuca Live Blog Captures the Magic of Convention


Once a year, all of the Melaleuca family comes together in one place for three incredible days of Convention. It’s a chance to get an up close and personal look at how Melaleuca is changing lives around the world. Convention 2015 took place earlier this month in Salt Lake City, and the event was filled […]

Ecosense Products-The Best!!!

4 out of 4 stars - April 10, 2014

I became a customer 9 years ago because my boys had asthma and eczema. After only one month of using Melaleuca products in my home, the asthma and eczema completely went away! It was all the toxic cleaners that I used before that were harming my boys. Even if your children don’t have asthma or […]

Simply Fit Crackers (7 Cheese)

4 out of 4 stars - April 2, 2014
Ken - Nanaimo, BC

Purchased the Simply Fit Cheese Crackers. I felt a little reluctant to purchase these at first because of the price. I used my loyalty shopping dollars to do it. To my surprise after opening the box and starting in on them, they were absolutely delicious. I ended up eating them like they were a bag […]

Tub and Tile – Versatile cleaner

4 out of 4 stars - March 31, 2014
Michael - Guilford, CT
Tub & Tile

I fought for years to clean my tub (one of those “Bathfitter” type inserts). I even used the scrubbing bubble type cleaner that emitted noxious fumes to no avail. When I was introduced to Melaleuca, I tried the Tub and Tile cleaner. I wet the tub, sprayed the cleaner, gently scrubbed the surface with a […]

Thank you, Sol-U-Mel!

4 out of 4 stars - March 28, 2014
Anne - Langdon, North Dakota
Melaleuca Sol-U-Mel

I caught my 3 year old playing with my nail polish (Sei Bella Deep Mulberry. I love it.) I cleaned up where he got it on his hand. It wasn’t until quite a while later that I noticed he was keeping the right side of his head turned away from me. He had PAINTED HIS […]

Best Night’s Sleep Ever

4 out of 4 stars - March 19, 2014
Tiffany - Sulphur, Louisiana

I used to make a herbal tincture sleep aid. It worked great, but tasted all manner of nasty. The word “vile” comes to mind. So, when Melaleuca brought their Rest EZ back out for customers, with the same ingredients as my herbal tincture (all herbs, no chemicals), I knew I had to try it. I […]

Omega 3 – FINALLY

4 out of 4 stars - March 17, 2014
Theresa - Bradenton, FL
Omega-3 Mango Tango

As a vegetarian who has always hated the taste of fish – I have trouble getting my required Omega 3’s. A friend invited me to the Wellness Presentation and I saw your amazing Mango Tango Omega 3. I signed up to start – because I knew that was something I would use. I got my […]

Mela-Gel saved my hand!

4 out of 4 stars - March 6, 2014
Deborah - Berlin, NH
Melaleuca MelaGel

Recently, I was boiling 1/2 of a turkey in a large stock pot. I was straining the stock to get the carcass out after it had boiled for two hours. My dog, Jasper, decided he wanted to see what I was doing and bumped me. I lost grip of the handle and the hot stock […]